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Customizing Products in Quizzes
Customizing Products in Quizzes

How to find and use the settings that allow you to control product formatting, buttons & content in results pages.

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Product settings can be found in the results pages of all quizzes. These settings allow you to customize the formatting and function of products added into quizzes and are important for any kind of product recommendation quiz.

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Product customization options

These are the settings available inside of result pages that let you customize what your product recommendations look like:

Supported quiz types

Display settings

Change how products are formatted and how many per row appear.

AI, dynamic, custom

Button settings

Change what buttons do & display underneath products.

AI, dynamic, custom

Product data

Change a product's name, description, price or image.

Custom (Octane Plus)

These settings are located inside of content blocks and are important tools in optimizing product recommendations for conversions and on-brand content.

Finding product settings

Product settings can be found by going into a content block.

  1. Open your quiz in the editor, and locate the RESULTS PAGES section.

  2. Open a result page.

  3. Locate the CONTENT BLOCKS section in the left menu, and open a content block that contains products.

Inside of the content block, you should see the DISPLAY SETTINGS and BUTTON SETTINGS menus in the PRODUCTS section of the content block.

To edit a particular product's product data, just click on a product that has been added to the quiz (custom quizzes only).

Display settings

Product display settings let you choose what your products look like in your quiz.

In addition to customizing the orientation and text sizes of product information, the product display menu includes two important categories of settings that let you change the size of the products in your quiz:

  1. Desktop Settings

  2. Mobile Settings

Each category includes options for product size, number of products per row and what information to display.

Button settings

What you can do with BUTTON SETTINGS:

  • Change buttons to add to cart, go to checkout or go to the product page.

  • Add a 2nd button to products.

  • Change button text.

  • Change button type.

The "add all to cart" button

An "add all to cart" button is a button that's able to add multiple items to a customer's shopping cart with one click.

"Add all to cart" buttons can be added inside of a content block from the TOP CONTENT or BOTTOM CONTENT menus. You'll then be able to specify which content blocks the button will apply to, in case your result page has more than one product block.

Slide out / tray carts

Octane AI doesn't integrate directly with any slide out or tray carts. This does mean that quizzes may not trigger custom slide out or tray carts when the add to cart button is pressed.

Octane AI provides a custom event that can be used to add code to your website allowing custom carts to know when an item has been added to the cart from a quiz.

You can check out documentation on this here.

For working slide out & tray carts, we recommend using the "Go to checkout" setting for after the button has been clicked.

Editing product data

Products added individually to a content block can also have their information customized in an Octane AI quiz.

You can open a specific product's settings by going to:

results page content block product

Which is also where you can add advanced rules to a specific product. Currently, editing the product data of products in AI or dynamic quizzes is not possible.

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