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How do I let customers retake my quiz?
How do I let customers retake my quiz?

Add a start over button to your results pages that will give your customers a chance to take your quiz again

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A retake quiz button can be added to Octane AI by adding a button that reopens the quiz page in a new tab.

In other pages of your quiz, you can add a back button to give your customers a chance to change their responses on the previous quiz page.

πŸ’‘ What you'll learn

πŸ’‘ Prerequisites

Embedded quizzes are the best way to use a retake quiz button, since pop-up quizzes don't have a specific URL that points to them.

Adding content in results pages

Every content block in a results page has an expandable TOP CONTENT and BOTTOM CONTENT menu.

The TOP CONTENT and BOTTOM CONTENT menus are the main place to add non-product content into your results and where you'll be adding a custom button for this guide.

Check out this guide for a more in-depth explanation of how to use content blocks to build results pages.

Adding a retake quiz button

Retake quiz buttons in Octane AI quizzes can be added by adding a button that links back to the quiz page.

This will re-open the quiz and refresh it back to the start. The previous results will remain open in a different tab.

πŸ“• Adding a button as a 'retake quiz' button

  1. In the quiz editor, open the results page you want to add the button to.

  2. In the left menu under CONTENT BLOCKS, add a new content block.

  3. In the left menu, expand the TOP CONTENT or BOTTOM CONTENT section.

  4. Click "Add content" and select Button.

  5. Enter the URL of the page your quiz will be embedded in.

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