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How do I let customers retake my quiz?
How do I let customers retake my quiz?
Add a start over button to your results pages that will give your customers a chance to take your quiz again
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A retake quiz button can be added to Octane AI by adding a button that reopens the quiz page in a new tab.

In other pages of your quiz, you can add a back button to give your customers a chance to change their responses on the previous quiz page.

What you'll learn

How to add a custom button at the end of your quiz that links back to the start of your quiz.


You must have an embedded quiz to be able to add a retake quiz button, or know the URL to the page that the quiz will be shown on.

Adding content in result pages

Every content block in a results page has an expandable TOP CONTENT and BOTTOM CONTENT menu.

The TOP CONTENT and BOTTOM CONTENT menus are the main place to add non-product content into your results and where you'll be adding a custom button for this guide.

How to create a "retake quiz" button

Before following this guide, you'll need to have a link to the page that your quiz is or will be published on.

If you haven't published your quiz to a page yet, check out this guide:

Step 1: Create a new button

  1. Go to the results page you want to add the button to.

  2. Under CONTENT BLOCKS, click Add content block.

  3. In the new content block, open the TOP CONTENT or BOTTOM CONTENT menus.

  4. Click Add content and select the "Button" option.

  5. Name the button and insert the URL to the page that your quiz is published on.

Of course, you can add the retake quiz button to the TOP CONTENT or BOTTOM CONTENT menus of any of the existing content blocks along with some designs that will make this button easier to catch.

Step 2: Set advanced logic (optional)

If you want all of your customers to be able to retake your quiz and even compare the recommendations they are getting, you don’t need to set any advanced logic in your content block.

An example of an advanced logic condition you could add is a rule saying that this button will be shown only to customers that skipped the email opt-in question.

Step 3: Test the button's functionality

Testing the button will be best done in the embedded quiz after saving your changes.

The important thing to have in mind when adding a retake quiz button is that Octane AI uses browser cookies to remember customer responses.

When taking a quiz multiple times on the same browser cookie, custom properties will be synced again and overwritten by the latest data. The same will happen with the shareable results page URL.

This includes when different emails are submitted for the same quiz on the same cookie.

Learn more about how Octane AI's cookie works here:


When a customer chooses to start your quiz over, the button will always open your quiz in a new tab.

The initial results will remain open on the original tab letting customers go back and place a purchase there, as well as on any additional results page they reach when choosing to start over.

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