This guide introduces how to use and customize products added to an Octane AI quiz.

Table of Contents

1. How to Add Products to a Quiz

1.1. Recommending Products

2. Customizing Products in a Quiz

2.1. Product Display

2.2. Product Button

2.3. Product Data

1. How to Add Products to a Quiz

Products can be added inside of a content block to any results page in your quiz. These products will be pulled from your Shopify catalogue and can be added by:

  • Specific products

  • Collections

  • Shopify tag

Customers will see the products you added when they land on the results page the products were added into.

Adding by specific product

You can add a product from your Shopify catalogue with all of its variants, or as a specific variant. You can add as many specific products as you'd like into a content block.

Adding a product as a specific variant will display the variant in front of the product name.

Adding by collection or Shopify tag

Products can also be added by Shopify collections or tags. When this option is used, up to 10 products from the collection or tag will be shown on your results page.

By clicking on the "View collection" or "View tag" buttons, you can preview the products that will be displayed as well as use an option to hide products that are out of stock.

Products added by collection or tag will replace any other products in the content block, and cannot be individually added or removed.

1.1. Recommending Products

The logic for recommendations is created by adding rules for the entire results page. This introduction to quiz rules includes a section on how rules work on a results page.

For users on Octane AI's Pro or higher level plans, you can add further personalization to recommendations with advanced rules, which allow you to add rules inside of content blocks and products as well.

This lets a single results page show different content depending on answers users chose, as opposed to creating a separate results page for each variation.

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2. Customizing Products in a Quiz

Each content block contains a large amount of settings you can use to customize:

  • Product display: what your products look like.

  • Product button: add to cart button settings.

  • Product data: edit individual parts of products.

These settings are in the left-menu while editing inside of a content block.

Since settings are specific to the content block you edit them in, you may want to find the settings you prefer in your first content block then use the copy function to make sure all of your content blocks are on the same page.

2.1. Product Display

Product display settings let you choose what your products look like in your quiz.

In addition to customizing the orientation and text sizes of product information, the product display menu includes two important categories of settings that let you change the size of the products in your quiz:

  1. Desktop Settings

  2. Mobile Settings

Each category includes options for product size, number of products per row and what information to display.

2.2. Product Button

Product button settings let you decide the appearance and behavior of the add to cart buttons in the content block.

You can have up to two product buttons per content block, letting you have a second button with different behavior.

Where can I add an "add all to cart" button?

"Add all to cart" buttons are added in the TOP CONTENT or BOTTOM CONTENT sections of a content block, where you can also add text, images, buttons or videos.

2.3. Product Data

Products added individually to a content block can also have their information customized in an Octane AI quiz.

This feature is currently available on Octane AI's Pioneer & Enterprise plans. To learn more, contact our support team.

You can open a specific product's settings by going to results page content block product, which is also where you can add advanced rules to a specific product.

Editing product data lets you show customers products in a way that's personalized to your quiz, or even specific results pages. Your description could be tailored to a particular recommendation, or image changed for holiday and sale periods.

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