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How to Recommend Product Variants Separately
How to Recommend Product Variants Separately

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When a product with multiple variants is recommended to customers, a variant selector will appear so that customers can choose which variant they'd like to purchase.

This guide will explain how to recommend variants separately, instead of together under the parent product.

πŸ’‘ What you'll learn

How to add individual variants to a quiz

When adding a product to a quiz, any product with a variant will have a Variants button you can press.

Selecting this button will bring up the option to add individual variants instead of the entire parent product.

Recommending separate variants in custom quizzes

Custom quizzes are built by manually adding the products that a customer can be recommended to the end of a quiz.

When individual variants are added to a content block, they'll be displayed in the same way when a customer lands on the results page.

πŸ“• Personalizing results in a custom quiz

In a custom quiz, recommendations are created by building each results page that a customer can land on.

The requirements to see a results page are added in the rules section of a results page.

This personalization can be taken a step further on Octane Plus by adding advanced logic inside of a content block, or even an individual product. Octane Plus users will also be able to customize each product entry for more results optimization.

Recommending separate variants in dynamic quizzes

In a dynamic quiz, an additional step will need to be taken after variants are added separately in the Products tab.

By default, a dynamic quiz will group separate variants of the same parent product into one product entry and show a dropdown menu for selecting a variant. This can be disabled in the settings of the dynamic product block.

πŸ“• Locating dynamic product settings

Through the Products tab:

  1. In the quiz editor, open the Products tab.

  2. In the left menu under DYNAMIC CONTENT BLOCK, click on "Product settings".

Through the dynamic results page:

  1. In the quiz editor's main page, find the RESULTS PAGES section in the left menu.

  2. Click on "Dynamic result page".

  3. Under CONTENT BLOCKS, click on "Dynamic products".

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I create more dynamic product blocks?

Dynamic quizzes have 1 dynamic product block that cannot be added or deleted. This block is where any products added through the Products tab will show up at the end of a quiz.

Additional custom content blocks can be added to a dynamic result page however. These content blocks can display manually added products or content, and can use advanced logic to show/hide dynamically.

This is a great method for recommending upsell/cross-sell products in a dynamic or custom quiz.

  • Can I customize the "Choose an option" text in the variant dropdown selector?

At the moment, text inside of the variant selector isn't able to be customized. If you would like to see this feature, or any others added to Octane AI, let our support team know at [email protected]!

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