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How to Use Dynamic Quizzes
How to Use Dynamic Quizzes

Use a key question to create your product pool, and non-key questions to rank recomendations.

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Dynamic quiz logic is built using priority questions, which are the questions that add or subtract products from the quiz's final recommendations.

Turning on a priority question is as simple as selecting an option, but making sure it works with the quiz you're building can involve a little more than that.

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Getting started with a dynamic quiz

Dynamic quizzes work by building a set of product recommendations through answer selections, then displaying matching products at the end of a quiz.

Products are added to individual answers in the Products tab of the quiz editor, where questions can be set to 1 of 3 ranking options:

  • Change rank a little (+1 or -1)

  • Change rank a lot (+10 or -10)

  • Match/Exclude

If questions are only set to rankings, products shown at the end will be the ones with the highest rankings.

If any questions are set to Match/Exclude, quizzes will only show products that match answers selected between Match/Exclude questions.

Match/Exclude rules are enabled

Match/Exclude rules are not enabled

Adding products

You can add products, tags or collections in the Products tab to any answer in a dynamic quiz.

This enables a wide range of quiz building strategies. Here are some ideas to start with!

  • Use one kind of ranking only (+1/-1 or +10/-10) to score the best products to show at the end.

  • Use Match/Exclude with large collections or tags to filter recommendations to matching products only.

  • Use +10/-10 for hero products and +1/-1 for secondary products.

The fallback results page

The fallback results page is a backup results page that will display if there are no matches between Match/Exclude questions, or if all products selected by customers are out of stock and the option to hide out of stock products is enabled.

Dynamic product settings

Some settings for dynamic product recommendations can be found inside of the dynamic results page. A shortcut to these settings can also be found in the products tab.

Here, you'll be able to set the maximum number of products that display as well as whether variants are listed individually or grouped together with a variant selector menu.

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