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Why aren't products showing up when taking my quiz?
Why aren't products showing up when taking my quiz?

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Products not being visible at the end of a quiz is usually caused by:

  • Quiz logic: no viable products are available

  • Advanced logic: content is hidden due to advanced logic rules

  • Out of stock products are hidden: the option to hide out of stock products is enabled

Use this guide to learn more about the fallback result page and some causes of products not showing up at the end of a quiz.

πŸ’‘ What you'll learn

Troubleshooting products not appearing

There are 2 main reasons why products may unexpectedly not appear at the end of a quiz:

  1. There is no result page or product that matches chosen quiz answers.

  2. Quiz settings/rules are hiding the product.

The best way to quickly tell what's preventing products from being visible at the end of a quiz is by taking a look at which result page you're viewing.

When a quiz doesn't find a match in its rules for the answers chosen, quizzes will show the fallback result page.

If a quiz is not showing the fallback result page, but products are still hidden, this means there are additional settings or rules in that result that's hiding products.

πŸ’‘ What is the fallback results page?

Custom & dynamic quizzes include a fallback result page. Here's when the fallback result is shown in each quiz type

  1. Custom: when quiz answers don't match any other result page (or when no other result pages are available).

  2. Dynamic: when key question answer choices don't include any matching products.

In many quizzes, the fallback result page is never seen. But many quizzes can also use the fallback result page in order to:

  • Function as the main result page (custom quizzes)

  • Troubleshoot quiz logic

  • Show general recommendations

Custom quizzes can use the fallback as the main result page if there is no other result page.

The fallback result page is showing

If the fallback result page is showing, this means the quiz's product recommendation logic did not find a match.

Here are general guidelines to troubleshooting custom & dynamic quizzes when this happens:

Custom quiz logic

Custom quiz logic is built inside of result pages.

πŸ” How does it work?

Result pages are created from scratch inside of the quiz editor. Each new result page is assigned answers as rules to qualify quiz takers.

At the end of a quiz, the result page that matches the selected answers will be shown.

πŸ“• What to do if the fallback page is appearing

If the fallback page appears, this means there are no result pages with rules that match the answers selected. Here are some best practices that can help avoid the fallback result page.

  1. Separate result pages into distinct categories. Result page logic can feel the most natural when your result pages reflect different customer profiles from your store.

    For example, a skincare quiz can organize result pages by skin type or skincare concern, while haircare quizzes can arrange recommendations by hair texture.

    Advanced logic can be used by users on the Plus plan to make content inside of a result page dynamic.

  2. Keep it simple, but relevant. Try to keep result page rules to 1-3 answers. The more rules each result page has, the more paths to the fallback result page that will be created.

    Start a custom quiz with the simplest amount of result segmentation you can. It's always easier to add complexity to a quiz than to try and reduce it.

  3. Consider using the fallback result page. The fallback result page can provide valuable data if there are answer choices that you're not certain how to categorize.

By using advanced logic in a fallback result page, you can still personalize content and recommendations for quiz takers that land on this page.

Dynamic quiz logic

Dynamic quiz logic is built inside of answers.

πŸ” How does it work?

Answers in a dynamic quiz can have products added inside of them.

If the quiz has key questions, it will only show products that match all key question selections. If the quiz has no key questions, it will instead add the included products from each selection to the end.

πŸ“• What to do if the fallback page is appearing

Fallback results will only appear if a dynamic quiz has key questions. When this happens, it means the answer selections from key questions did not find any product matches.

At least 1 product will need to be included in all key question selections for the dynamic result page to show.

  1. Avoid using multiple select questions as key questions. Multiple select can add a lot of potential answer combinations to the quiz logic. To avoid creating fallback result pathways, disabling multiple select for key questions is recommended.

    If you do use a multiple select question as a key question, try using broad categories (such as tags & collections) for included products and a multiple select maximum of 2 answers.

  2. Evaluate if your logic needs key questions. Without key questions, included products will simply be added to the recommendation pool. Some quizzes can be built very quickly without key questions.

  3. Try using excluded products. Unlike product inclusions, exclusions don't have to match between selections to work.

One quick method of building quiz logic is to recommend all possible products in just 1 important key question, and use exclusions in other key questions to remove product choices that the quiz taker doesn't want.

Questions must be key questions in order for exclusions to remove products.

The correct result page is showing but my product is missing

If the correct result page is showing, but you're not seeing products that should appear, there are 2 common causes:

  • Advanced logic is hiding the products

  • The "Hide out of stock products" option has been enabled and the recommended product(s) is out of stock.

Here are general guidelines for troubleshooting products that are not appearing even when the correct result page is showing:

Advanced logic is hiding products

Advanced logic is used inside of the following result page content to show / hide the content you're adding the logic to.

  • Content blocks

  • Products

πŸ” How does it work?

Advanced logic creates a condition for the content block & products it's added into. Content that has advanced logic added in will only display when taking the quiz if the rules added in are matched by the quiz taker's selections.

This is different from result page rules, which are required unlike advanced logic which is optional.

πŸ“• How to check if advanced logic is preventing a product from showing up

Content blocks & products that have advanced logic will be indicated by an icon.

When products aren't showing up that you feel should based on your answers, try checking the ADVANCED LOGIC tabs of any related content blocks & products to make sure the rules don't conflict with the result page rules.

An example of how this can happen is when a quiz has branching pathways, and the advanced logic for content requires an answer that is not included in the branch that the quiz taker chose.

Out of stock products are hidden

Quizzes have the option to hide out of stock products enabled by default.

Quizzes can have the option to hide out of stock products enabled in the editor Settings.

This option can also be added per tag or collection. When adding products by collection or tag, click on the View tag or View collection button to see more details & options.

πŸ“• How to check if products are being hidden due to an out of stock status

Try disabling the "Hide out of stock products" setting and then retaking the quiz with the same answer selections as before.

If products that were previously hidden are now showing up, this means the quiz detected that the product was out of stock.

If you believe the product should not be displaying as out of stock, reach out to our support team.

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