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Choosing Your Quiz's Product Results Type
Choosing Your Quiz's Product Results Type

How each of Octane AI's quiz types work and when to choose the right type of logic for you.

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Octane AI quizzes can be built with three quiz types:

  • AI quizzes

  • Dynamic quizzes

  • Custom quizzes

Quizzes can be switched between any product results type in the Settings tab of Octane AI's quiz editor.

πŸ’‘ What you'll learn

πŸ’‘ Prerequisites

Adding products directly into quizzes require a Shopify store.

When selecting an AI quiz for the first time, Octane AI will need 10-20 minutes before it can provide accurate results.

Changing quiz logic

All quizzes built from scratch start as AI quizzes, while templates may begin as dynamic or custom quizzes.

You can change quiz type in the Settings tab of the quiz editor.

πŸ›‘ When changing product results type, any logic & results created in the old product results type will be saved.

Creating copies of a quiz in different logic types is still a good method for testing different ways of building a quiz.

Quiz types you can select

AI quizzes

βœ” No manual logic required

βœ” Quickest to build

βœ” Can use free text answers to recommend products

AI quizzes use the questions & answers someone selects and compares it with product data in a store to recommend related products at the end.

Creating logic for AI quizzes can be as simple as matching answer choices with certain tags & keywords in product descriptions.

πŸ’‘ When do I use this quiz type?

Use AI quizzes when:

  • You want to create a quiz but you aren't sure what kind of logic you want to build it with.

  • You want to recommend products using answers that customers type in.

  • You want to create a quiz quickly to publish for your customers while you work on a custom or dynamic quiz.

Dynamic quizzes

βœ” Filter logic lets you build with collections, tags & individual products

βœ” Great at handling quick, general quizzes at any size

βœ” Easier to manage large amounts of SKUs

πŸ› οΈ Ideas for dynamic quizzes:

  • Apparel finder

  • Glasses finder

  • Jewelry finder

Dynamic quizzes filter customers to the right choice using collections, tags and individual products to make product recommendations.

Logic is created in dynamic quizzes by adding products inside of answers to include or exclude when the answer is chosen.

You can also turn questions into priority questions to turn filter rules on in dynamic quizzes which only show products that overlap in all selections at the end of a quiz.

πŸ’‘ When do I use this quiz type?

  • You have a large product catalogue and would like to use collections & tags to narrow down customer preferences.

  • You're creating a quiz with just 1 question, such as a conversational pop-up.

  • You have SKUs that are frequently out of stock.

Custom quizzes

βœ” Hyper personalized content & results

βœ” Total control over products shown in each scenario

βœ” Can also be used for non-product recommendation quizzes

πŸ› οΈ Ideas for custom quizzes:

  • Shade Finder

  • Routine Builder

  • Build a box / bundle

  • Supplements finder

  • Educational quizzes

Custom quizzes are built by building each result with content or products, and then setting the answer requirements required to see each one manually.

πŸ’‘ When do I use this quiz type?

  • You want full control over what products look like at the end of a quiz.

  • You're looking to make a quiz with simple product choices.

  • You don't want to show any product recommendations in your quiz.

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