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Quiz Accessibility

Alt text and keyboard accessibility help customers of all abilities take your quiz.

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As a merchant, you want customers of all ability levels to be able to navigate and complete your quiz so they can get connected to the products that are right for them. Octane AI offers several features to help customers of all abilities take your quiz while also helping your store meet ADA compliance requirements.

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What is alt text?

Alt text is descriptive text that you can add to images and buttons. This makes it possible for screen readers, tools used by people with low vision or other visual disabilities, to read out what the image shows or what the button does.

In the quiz editor, you can update the Alt text field for:

  • Images, including images added to picture choice questions

  • Buttons (this is especially important if buttons do not have descriptive labels)

In addition to being important for accessibility, alt text is also valuable for search engine optimization (SEO), which helps your site rank more highly in Google and other search engines.

How does keyboard accessibility work?

Octane AI quizzes are keyboard accessible by default, which means that a customer on your site can navigate and complete your quiz using only their keyboard. This can be helpful for any customers, but is especially vital for customers with disabilities who may not be able to use a mouse.

Octane AI supports the following keyboard controls in all quizzes:

  • TAB to highlight the next quiz element (e.g., to move to the next answer option).

  • SHIFT + TAB to highlight the last quiz element (e.g., to go back to the previous answer option).

  • SPACE or ENTER to select the highlighted answer or select buttons (e.g., "Continue", "Skip", or "Back").

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