With dynamic quizzes, the products shown on the results page are determined by the customer’s answers to the quiz questions. You can add to the dynamic results page to feature additional products to guide your customer to other products that they might be interested in.

In this article, you will learn how to create a content block on the dynamic results page where you can feature additional products to purchase.

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1. Benefits of supplemental products

2. Adding supplemental products to the dynamic results page

1. Benefits of supplemental products

Any dynamic quiz can benefit from supplemental products - it’s a great way to feature some additional products that might interest your customers.

Here are a few of our favorite use cases that might serve as inspiration for your next quiz:

  • Highlight best sellers. Your best sellers are best selling for a reason! Get them in front of more customers by including them in your dynamic quiz results page.

  • Feature products not recommended by your quiz. For example, beauty stores may have a shade finder quiz for a specific product line (e.g., foundation) that doesn’t include products from other (e.g., mascara, lip gloss, etc.). A supplemental product block can highlight some other types of products to help your customers get more familiar with your store’s catalog.

  • Recommend accessories that support your quiz’s recommendations. For example, a coffee roaster may have a flavor quiz to match customers with their perfect beans. They can add accessories like coffee mugs to their results page to help customers find products that support their recommendation.

Note: Keep things fresh by occasionally rotating these products, especially for any seasonal products like clothing!

2. Adding supplemental products to the dynamic quiz

Follow the steps below to add supplemental products to the dynamic quiz:

1. In the quiz editor, go to the Dynamic results page.

The dynamic results page within the quiz editor for a dynamic quiz.

2. Click Add content block and select New content block.

Adding a new content block to the dynamic results page.

3. Give this block an Internal name to help you keep track of it. Customers won't see this title.

4. Now it’s time to start building out the content block with supplemental products! This will look different for every quiz, but in general you’ll want to:

  • Add Top content to describe to customers what you’re recommending here (e.g., “You might also like…”, “We think this will also work great for you!”, etc.)

  • Add products that you want to feature. Try to pick products that probably won’t be already recommended to customers in the dynamic product recommendations, to avoid duplication.

A content block on the dynamic results page that features supplemental products.

When you’re satisfied, click Save to update your quiz. This content block will now appear exactly as shown to all customers when they land on the dynamic results page.

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