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Building Results Pages with Content Blocks
Building Results Pages with Content Blocks

Lead customers to the right products and build buyer profiles with a Shop Quiz

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All results pages are built using content blocks which are important to get the most out of any quiz.

πŸ’‘ What you'll learn

Finding content blocks in quizzes

🎬 VIDEO: Introducing Content Blocks

Watch this video demo on content blocks, and how they're used to build results pages.

Content blocks can be found in all result pages. While empty content blocks feature placeholder products, including products isn't a requirement for content blocks at all.

What you can do in content blocks

Content blocks are used for one of two reasons:

  1. Add products to a results page.

  2. Add content to a results page.

You can do one or the other, making content blocks an incredibly versatile tool for building results pages.

Here are the important settings to know when using content blocks.

πŸ“• Top/bottom content

Every content block has an expandable TOP CONTENT and BOTTOM CONTENT menu. These can be used to add the following to a content block:

  • Text

  • Images

  • Video

  • Button

  • Add all to cart button

The TOP CONTENT and BOTTOM CONTENT menus are the primary place to add non-product content into your results.

Adding content into a block by itself without products can be combined with ADVANCED LOGIC to turn the content dynamic based on quiz answers.

πŸ“• Products

The PRODUCTS section is where products are added in normal content blocks, as well as where the product limit & order logic is set for dynamic and AI blocks.

This is also where the DISPLAY SETTINGS and BUTTON SETTINGS menus are located which are important tools for formatting the way products appear and function in a results page.

Learn more:

πŸ“• Advanced logic

Advanced logic can be used by Octane Plus users to create conditional logic for content blocks.

When a rule has been added into a content block, the content block will now hide unless the answers specified in the advanced logic are chosen in the quiz.

The biggest advantage this offers is allowing flexibility in your quiz logic.

Products and content with simple variations can be shown with advanced logic in content blocks, which means fewer variables to consider in the rest of your quiz.

πŸ’‘ Here's what you can do with advanced logic in content blocks

  • Separate additional recommendations from hero products into a different block.

  • Add educational content that changes with quiz answers.

  • Show many variations of 1 results page.

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