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Guide to Creating Journeys at Attentive with Octane Data
Guide to Creating Journeys at Attentive with Octane Data
Trigger flows on quiz completion and send result page URLs with this feature.
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Journeys at Attentive allow you to build automated SMS flows that can trigger based on quiz completion, and even insert quiz data into the text.

What you'll learn

How to trigger Journeys in Attentive based on quiz data.


You must have Octane AI's Attentive integration connected, as well as an active account in both platforms.

You'll also need a quiz with an SMS opt-in with at least one test submission so that the data is present in Attentive.

Creating a Journey that triggers on quiz completion

  1. On the Journeys page in Attentive, click + Create Journey.

  2. Click Start from scratch.

  3. For the Journey trigger, select the Octane - Quiz Completed trigger.

  4. Select whether this Journey is transactional or promotional (for this guide, select promotional).

  5. Click Get Started.

Your new Journey will now trigger every time someone completes a quiz, so long as they're subscribed to you.

Since this Journey is promotional, this gives you the opportunity to do things like insert an SMS that will send the customer a link back to their quiz results.

Adding a quiz result URL into a Journey SMS

Octane AI's quiz completed event includes a unique link that customers can use to revisit the quiz results they received.

This unique link can be inserted into a Journey as long as the Journey is triggered by the quiz completed event.

  1. Inside of the Journey you created, add a new text message.

  2. Inside of the text message body, click the { } icon.

  3. Click {quiz_name} to insert the name of the quiz that was taken.

  4. Click {quiz_result_url} to insert a link to the result page that the customer last saw.

  5. Save the text message.

Once the Journey is turned on, anyone who receives the text message will see these variables replaced with the correct information contained in the quiz they completed.

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