Below is how you can download, install, and accept payment for Octane AI within your Shopify back-end. You can follow the video or step-by-step walkthrough below.

In this video we will: 

  • See how you can add Octane AI to your Shopify back-end
  • Create an Octane AI account
  • Connect your Facebook page
  • Accept payment on Shopify

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Optional Video: Switching to Octane AI

Add Octane AI to your Shopify Store
Within your Shopify back-end, go to your Apps section and press Visit Shopify App store.

In Shopify’s app store you can search for Octane AI, pressing Add App to add it to your back-end.

Give Octane AI permission by pressing Install.

Set-up Your Octane AI Account
You’ll be taken to our quick flow to set-up your account, connect your Facebook page, select Opt-in methods, review the settings, and start your free trial.

In Account Info, enter in your information to create a new account or if you already have an account select Sign-in Instead.

To connect to your Shopify store, select a new bot to create a bot from scratch. If you already have an account, you can select a bot you’ve previously set-up or select new bot. You can have multiple bots on one Octane AI account but each bot must have a seperate Shopify store and Facebook page associated with it.

Select your Facebook page as shown below. To see the page you must be set as an admin role of the page, and it must not already be connected to another Octane AI bot. 

If it’s not appearing, to see if your page is connected to another bot, you can go to your Facebook page settings and under Messenger Platform view if Octane AI is listed under connected apps. If Octane AI is listed, log-in to your old account or disconnect the app to continue creating your new one.

You can also create a test Facebook page and after your bot set-up is complete, connect it to your real one.

Next, you can turn on different opt-in methods. We’ll go over opt-in methods in detail here. Opt-ins are the ways customers can access or subscribe to your bot. 

In review settings, you can set-up a number of automated Flows which we’ll cover in more detail here. By default, Flow content is optimized for conversions.

You can also skip these steps to set them up within Octane AI later.

Now, you can choose the payment plan that suits you and select Start your Free Trial. We have information about our plans displayed or visit our pricing page for more information.

After selecting your plan, you will be taken to your Shopify back-end to accept payment. Once you select Start Free Trial, your trial will begin! 

NEXT UP: A Quick Platform Tour
Optional Video: Switching to Octane AI

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