We strongly believe users should be able to control their privacy and have rights over their data usage. We believe the law passed by the European Union, GDPR, is a good thing for the internet. 

Octane AI, as your vendor for Facebook Messenger Marketing, is compliant with GDPR

Regarding your customers and users, you are the data controller and Octane AI is the data processor. This means, your users may contact you to ask their data to be removed or to view their data. We are building a feature within the bot that will allow users to self-serve view and remove their data from Octane AI. We will also add a way for you to remove user data from our dashboard. If you need to handle a user request in the meantime, please email us at [email protected] and we will help you. 

What about your personal data as a user of Octane AI?

For you, as a business user using the product and browsing the site, we are the data controller and responsible to you. You can ask us to remove your data at any time by emailing [email protected] 

Want to learn more?

For more information about the information we collect, our security policies, third party vendors we use and data policies please view our full Privacy Policy.

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