Making your marketing opt-ins GDPR compliant is easy, and totally worth it. Not only does it solidify the legality of your opt-ins, it can help improve the quality of each opt-in as well by informing customers up-front about what their consent is for.

Follow this guide to learn how you can make sure the opt-ins you build with Octane AI are GDPR compliant.

Table of Contents

1. Principles of GDPR Compliant Opt-ins

2. GDPR Compliant Sample

1. Principles of GDPR Compliant Opt-ins

In order to make sure your marketing opt-ins through any channel and platform are GDPR compliant, here are the fundamental rules they should follow:

Make it clear that the opt-in is for marketing/data collection.

The language around your opt-ins should aim to have as little ambiguity as possible around what someone is actually giving consent for. It's alright to offer a discount, but the opt-in should avoid appearing as if the consent is purely for the discount and not also for marketing / promotional messages.

Make it clear which marketing channels the opt-in is for.

Many opt-in platforms including Octane AI allow you to collect consent for more than one marketing channel. If this is the case, your opt-in language should be clear about which opt-in channels are being offered.

If certain opt-in channels are required, or optional, that must be made clear.

This is especially important if you have multiple opt-in channels available. When making an opt-in optional in an Octane AI pop-up or Shop Quiz, language is automatically added that indicates this.

Making sure there's no penalty if someone opts out.

If you offer a discount or any other incentive for an opt-in, it's important that this incentive isn't revoked if someone unsubscribes after opting in. Additionally, customers shouldn't be given higher pricing across your store solely for not giving marketing consent.

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2. GDPR Compliant Sample

Because Octane AI features allow extensive customization, there are ways you can set up an Octane AI opt-in that's not GDPR compliant.

Below is an example of a pop-up that is not GDPR compliant:

There are a few key issues with this pop-up that violate some of the principles listed earlier in this article:

  1. The pop-up does not let the person know that they're submitting their information in exchange for marketing / promotional materials later.

  2. The pop-up does not make it clear which of the opt-in methods are required or optional.

  3. The Facebook Messenger opt-in checkbox simply states "Messenger" instead, which is too generic.

Here are some adjustments that would make this pop-up GDPR compliant:

In this pop-up, each opt-in channel is explicitly stated as is the fact that subscribing gives consent to be contacted in the future.

Octane AI automatically adds a GDPR compliant notice about SMS opt-ins when you add the option to collect phone numbers to your pop-up or Shop Quiz, but this text can be customized as well.

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