The welcome pop-up is an effective opt-in tool that triggers when a customer visits your website for the first time. You can use this pop-up to offer customers a discount and acquire opt-ins for your bot.

Pop-ups are a great source of opt-ins, and it's usually worth including at least one of Octane AI's pop-up tools on your website. 

Another pop-up opt-in tool is the exit intent pop-up which triggers when a customer tries to leave your website instead. Offering your discount here can have the advantage of reducing churn on your webstore.

Table of contents

1. Finding the welcome pop-up

1.1. Multiple pop-ups

2. Customizing the welcome pop-up

2.1. Adding multiple opt-in channels

2.2. Discount message

2.3. Design

2.4. Placement

Other pop-ups

Exit Intent Pop-up

Add to Cart Pop-up

1. Finding the welcome pop-up

To start editing your welcome pop-up, first navigate to the welcome pop-up webpage. This can be found under Pop-ups in your dashboard menu. 

Then, click on the Welcome pop-up panel or on the feature in the left-nav menu to go to the welcome pop-up main page.

In addition to being able to create new pop-ups and edit existing ones, you'll also be able to view data for all of your pop-ups:

  1. Views: unique visitors that have seen your pop-up.

  2. New subscribers: users that first subscribed through this feature.

  3. Conversions: unique users that opted in through this feature (doesn't need to be first time subscribes).

At the bottom of the page, you'll be able to view each pop-up you've made as well as relevant stats.

To customize a pop-up, simply click on the Edit button or use the New pop-up button at the top of the page to start working on a new one.

If you have FB Pixel installed on your store, you can track Octane AI opt-ins and create custom conversions and audiences based on these events. For each opt-in, the name of the event includes the [Octane AI] prefix, the name of the source and the word "opt-in" at the end, e.g. [Octane AI] Welcome pop-up opt-in. It looks like this on the Events list:

1.1. Multiple pop-ups

Each type of opt-in pop-up can have as many variations as you'd like to create.

If you activate multiple pop-ups with the same placement settings, then the first pop-up that's active will display for each unique user.

You can use different placement settings to create different pop-ups for unique devices, webpages or even different timings on the same webpage:

To read more about placement settings, skip ahead here.

2. Customizing the welcome pop-up

When editing a new or existing pop-up, you can create a name for the pop-up at the top of the edit page.

This name will only show up in your dashboard, so it won't be seen by website visitors.

The rest of the edit page is split into three sections:

  1. Discount Message: when a visitor decides to receive their discount in Messenger, this is the message that will first display.

  2. Design: visually customize your pop-up's design and layout here.

  3. Placement: set which pages, devices and the time delay for your pop-up.

2.1. Adding multiple opt-in channels

Through Octane AI's pop-ups, you can gather Messenger, Email and SMS opt-ins. Each of these pop-ups can be customized in terms of design, content and placement to match your brand.

The type of pop-ups you can use with Octane AI are:

  • Welcome pop-up: appears when a user visits your website for the first time.

  • Add to cart pop-up: appears when a user adds an item to their cart.

  • Exit intent pop-up: appears when a user tries to leave your website.

While editing your pop-up, you can add or remove opt-in channels with a simple checkbox and reorder them with a drag-and-drop interface. You can also make SMS and Email opt-ins optional while Messenger pop-ups are optional by default.

If you're using Octane AI's Klaviyo integration, emails you gather will automatically sync into Klaviyo and you'll be able to choose the list emails are sent into as well.

To learn more about using multiple opt-in channels in your pop-ups, check out this article.

2.2. Discount Message

Note: you'll have to create the discount code in Shopify for it to work.

The discount message is a message that your bot will send to the customer if they choose to have the discount code sent to Messenger upon subscribing.

You can have the discount message link to specific pages on your website, add content like video and images, or just have it offer the code.  

2.3. Design

Once you've set your discount message, the design section is where you can customize your pop-ups visuals and layout.

Tip: tick this checkbox to make sure the font in your pop-up matches your website:

The pop-ups Preview, will let you view changes in real-time. You'll also be able to edit the text in your pop-up by clicking on the ✎ icon.

Underneath the preview, you'll be able to edit the pop-up's layout, image and text settings.

Layout and Image

Layout settings let you choose between two options:

  1. Left aligned: a rectangular pop-up with text elements on the right.

  2. Centered: a square pop-up with text centered over a background image.

Depending on which layout you select, you'll have access to different image options as well.

A left aligned pop-up will be able to display both a main and background image, while a centered pop-up will only show your background image.

You can still use just a background image on a left aligned pop-up as well.

Image options

Once you've uploaded an image to your pop-up, you'll be able to further customize it with the following options:

Using these settings, you can change how your image is cropped within the pop-up as well as darken or brighten the image to make your text more visible.

These settings are available for both the main and background image.

Button, Text and Modal

Underneath your image settings, you'll find settings that allow you to edit the text and colors of the rest of your pop-up:

Use these with the live preview to make sure your pop-up seamlessly matches your brand and website!

2.4. Placement

Finally, you'll get to choose which devices and webpages the welcome pop-up will show up on.  

Here are some examples of how detailed you can get with Placement:

  • The amount of seconds before the pop-up appears.

  • Setting the pop-up to only appear on pages with certain key words. 

  • Deciding which exact pages the pop-up will be on.  

Once everything is set up and ready to go live, save your changes and turn on the pop-up here:

When should I use the welcome pop-up? 

It's a super effective way to get your customers to opt into marketing through your store. This feature is especially important if you're not using the add to cart checkbox. Learn more here.

What if I'm already using another pop-up provider like Justuno or Privy?

We do have integrations for Justuno and Privy pop-ups. You can definitely use your existing pop-ups built with those platforms and extend them instead.

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