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Guide to Creating a Conversational Pop-up
Guide to Creating a Conversational Pop-up

How to use Octane AI's Shop Quiz tool to create pop-ups with interactive content.

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Conversational Pop-ups are a powerful tool that you can leverage for your store using Octane AI's Shop Quiz and Pop-up cross-functionality.

Since any quiz you create in Octane AI can be used inside of a pop-up, you can create pop-ups for your website that collect marketing data with interactive content that's able to ask questions about your customers and make recommendations in the same flow.

Check out the video for a step-by-step guide to creating a Conversational Pop-up, or read the article below.

๐Ÿ’ก What you'll learn

How to use a 1-question quiz create a powerful, conversion & lead generating pop-up

What is a conversational pop-up?

Conversational Pop-ups work just like traditional pop-ups by collecting marketing opt-ins for your store. With Octane AI, this means you can collect consent from visitors to your store for email, SMS and Facebook Messenger marketing.

However, Conversational Pop-ups can be taken a step further by integrating functions from Octane AI's Shop Quiz tool to create an interactive pop-up that can gather additional customer data and recommend products after gathering an opt-in.

This is done by:

  1. Creating a short, interactive quiz in Octane AI's quiz tool.

  2. Adding the quiz to a pop-up.

We'll show you how to create a short quiz in the next section, and how to add the content to a pop-up.

Creating a conversational pop-up

To start creating content for your Conversational Pop-up, you'll have to get to Octane AI's Shop Quiz landing page in your dashboard first.

Before the pop-up can be created, the quiz content that will be filling the pop-up is needed first which you can start by clicking on New quiz.

Once you fill out your quiz's name, this will take us to the quiz editor where we'll be creating a short quiz to use in our pop-up.

You'll need three important elements for a Conversational Pop-up:

  1. Questions: using a multiple or picture choice question, you can gather data about visitors to your website that opt-in with your pop-up.

  2. Opt-in Pages: you can collect email, SMS or Facebook Messenger subscribers.

  3. Product Recommendations: using results pages, you can recommend products directly from your Shopify catalogue.

Step 1: Making content in the quiz tool

For best practice, you may only want to have one question in your quiz to maximize the amount of people who opt-in to your pop-up.

The question can be a high level question that gathers data you can remarket to later, such as which products your customers are interested in or what their specific interests are.

Adding a marketing opt-in

You'll be able to choose between adding an email, SMS or Facebook Messenger opt-in to your pop-up.

You can add all three to your quiz, but each opt-in will have its own page. To maximize opt-ins, you may want to focus on a single option for your quiz.

If you collect emails with your Conversational Pop-up, you can use our Klaviyo integration to automatically sync the emails or phone numbers you gather.

Adding results pages

The last step is to add results pages, where you'll be making product recommendations.

If you're only planning on making one set of recommendations, you can use the default results page. However, if you'd like to create multiple recommendations that change based on someone's answers, you'll have to create new results pages instead.

This is because custom results pages can have rules that specify which answers someone needs to pick to see that results page. This lets you control what content each opt-in sees at the end of your pop-up!

You can also add rules inside of individual content blocks or products which can allow you to use fewer results pages.

Adding products and content

The final step to completing your results page is to add products and content, such as a discount code. This is done through content blocks, which are the building blocks of a results page.

With a content block, you can add:

  • Products

  • Text

  • Images

  • Videos

  • Buttons with custom URLs

You can also add multiple content blocks to a results page, and don't even need to include products in them. This makes them great tools to really customize the content of each results page.

Step 2: Adding content to a pop-up

Once your quiz has been created and saved, adding it to a pop-up is easy! You can do this from within a quiz's main page, or from the Pop-ups landing page.

Adding a quiz to a pop-up from its main page

From the Shop Quiz landing page, find the new quiz you've created for your pop-up and click on its name.

This will take you to the quiz's main page. Scroll down until you find the Embed code section and click on "Create a quiz pop-up".

This will allow you to directly add the quiz to a Welcome or Exit Intent Pop-up. You can also create a quiz pop-up directly from the Pop-ups landing page in your dashboard.

You can also use quiz pop-ups to show off longer quizzes than the content you create for Conversational Pop-ups!

Welcome vs. Exit Intent Pop-up

You'll be able to choose between two different pop-up types for your Conversational Pop-up:

  • Welcome Pop-up: appears when someone visits your website for the first time.

  • Exit Intent Pop-up: appears when someone tries to leave your website.

Both pop-up types are able to detect visitors who have already seen them using cookies. This means visitors won't repeatedly see these pop-ups, unless they're using a different browser, device or have cleared their cookies.

Exit Intent Pop-ups trigger when someone moves their mouse off of your website on desktop, or when they press the back button or URL bar on mobile.

Customizing your conversational pop-up

Through both the quiz and pop-up editors in Octane AI, you can access a variety of settings to customize your Conversational Pop-up.

Quiz settings

Your quiz settings contain a wide variety of design settings. Within the quiz tool, you'll be able to access options for:

  • Layout: change the layout of elements like text and answers in your quiz.

  • Typography: edit the look and color of the font used in your quiz.

  • Colors & styles: edit the colors of your quiz elements, like buttons.

  • Background image settings: change the background of your quiz.

Pop-up settings

From inside the pop-up editor, you can change the behavior of the pop-up itself, as well as make some design tweaks as well.


Your pop-up's behavior settings let you dictate who sees your pop-up. Inside of the placement settings, you'll even get to choose which devices and webpages your pop-up appears on.

By using placement settings, you can even have multiple pop-ups target different parts of your website or differentiate between desktop and mobile pop-ups without overwriting another pop-up.


With your pop-up's design settings, you can change the layout of your pop-up and even add an additional image to give your Conversational Pop-up some extra flair.

This lets your Conversational Pop-ups really...pop!

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