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What are engaged customers (Legacy)?
What are engaged customers (Legacy)?
Octane AI Pricing varies based on how many active people you have in your bot
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Engaged customers are tracked by every unique interaction with one of your features. On Octane AI's legacy plans, engagements are free up to your monthly limit.

On the current Octane and Octane Plus plans, accounts have unlimited engagements and are not charged for engaged customers.

What you'll learn

How monthly active users work for Octane AI's legacy plans:

  • Starter

  • Pro

  • Advanced / Pioneer

  • Enterprise

What are engaged customers?

An engaged customer is a person who has interacted with one of your Octane AI features. This can include:

  • Someone who has started your quiz (by advancing past the first page).

  • Someone who has confirmed an opt-in or CTA in your pop-ups.

An engaged customer is not:

  • Someone who has viewed your quiz, but did not interact.

  • Someone who closed your pop-up without opting in or clicking on a CTA.

Will someone count as an engaged customer every time they interact with one of my features?

Octane AI keeps track of your engaged customers and makes sure unique customers aren't counted more than once.

For example, if someone opts in through your pop-up, takes your Shop Quiz and later receives an abandoned cart message in Facebook Messenger, they'll still only count as one engaged customer.

How do I check how many engaged customers I have?

You can check out how many active people are in your bot in your Home Dashboard:

And in Analytics:

What are recurring app charges? What is the difference between them and the app usage charges?

The recurring charge is the base fee and the usage charge are the variable costs based on engaged customers.

You can learn more about Shopify App charges here.

If your monthly engaged customers are lower than your plan's allotted amount, you won't be charged any usage fees for them. If your monthly engaged customers count goes over your plan's limit, additional usage charges will apply:

Each Octane AI legacy plan includes a certain amount of engaged customers per month. Once the amount of engagements in one month exceeds that amount, additional charges will apply.


Up to 500 engaged customers per month

+ $0.06 / additional monthly engaged customer


Up to 4,000 engaged customers per month

+ $0.05 / additional monthly engaged customer


Up to 10,500 engaged customers per month

+ $0.04 / additional monthly engaged customer

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