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Getting to Know Your Octane AI Analytics
Getting to Know Your Octane AI Analytics

How to track performance and stats across your Octane AI account

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Data plays a central role in eCommerce and is also a core part of Octane AI. Analytics are featured on almost every page throughout Octane AI's dashboard, and our analytics page provides one hub to see everything together.

💡 What you'll learn

How to find and understand the Analytics page in Octane AI's dashboard.

The Analytics page

Welcome to the analytics, the home screen for your Octane AI account's revenue and engagement metrics. This is where you can assess your account's overall performance through:

  • Revenue earned through Octane AI features

  • How customers are engaging with your features

  • Individual and holistic Octane AI performance

Revenue refers to the total revenue earned by your bot across the platform, while the subscriber numbers are your total opt-ins.

💡 The date picker

Most of the data in Octane AI is viewed within a certain timeframe, which you can set using the date picker.

If you'd like to view data on an ongoing day, you'll need to use the "Today so far" option.


Overall analytics for your Octane AI quizzes will be visible at the top of your analytics page.

Curious about each individual quiz's analytics? You can find out more about each product recommendation quiz by accessing your quiz's main analytics page.

Just go to Quizzes in your dashboard and select the individual quiz you'd like to learn more about:

From the quiz's main analytics page, you'll be able to see:

  • Engagement data

  • Answer selection

  • Drop-off rate per question

Also, you are able to export quiz data setting the range you are interested in.


This is where you will access your analytics for all 3 types of pop-ups. Clicking on the individual section will allow you to see more data associated with that specific type.

In this section, you will see:

  • Conversions

  • Subscriptions

  • Revenue

  • Views

Customer Stats

A detailed set of data of your subscribers, and how they've been engaging with your quizzes and pop-ups can be seen in the Customers section.

You can segment your customers with lists and export email and SMS subscribers or make a list based on the targeting you want.

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