Any email you collect in Octane AI with a connected Klaviyo account will be able to track that customer's website activity in Klaviyo through Octane AI's integration.

This lets you trigger Klaviyo flows based on website activity, such as browse abandonment emails.

For customer tracking to work, you'll have to add Klaviyo's tracking cookie to your Shopify store.

How do I make sure email opt-ins I collect will have tracking enabled in Klaviyo?

Any email you collect in an Octane AI Shop Quiz or Pop-up will be able to track customers in Klaviyo, as long as Klaviyo is integrated in your account when the email is collected.

This allows emails you collect in Octane AI to seamlessly enter any flows you've set up based on customer activity on your store.

How do I create browse & cart abandonment emails?

To take advantage of the emails and data Octane AI collects for Klaviyo, you'll need to set up flows and email content using the data that your integration sends into Klaviyo.

Klaviyo has great, in-depth guides to creating a browse abandonment or cart abandonment email flow.

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