This is a guide on all of the advanced quiz rules included in the Octane AI Plus plan.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to advanced logic

2. Sections

2.1. Answers

3. Content blocks

3.1. Products

1. Introduction to advanced logic

Octane AI users with access to advanced logic will see a rules section in the following parts of their quizzes:

Quiz element

What does the rule do?

Results page

Control who sees a results page based on someone's answers.

Content blocks

Display a content block only if someone matches the rules.


Display different products on the same results page.


Control which question will come next based on someone's answers.


Display an answer only if someone matches the rules.

While rules are formatted in the same way in these parts of the quiz as your custom quiz results, rules in advanced logic have different functions from the rules in your results pages.

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2. Sections

Rules inside of a section are made up of a couple of components.

All sections have two options for their default behavior. This defines what will happen to anyone taking your quiz if they have no advanced logic.

Default rule

What does the rule do?

Next question

The next section in chronological order will be shown next.


The quiz will end after this section, and their results will be calculated based on rules in your results pages.

By adding rules through advanced logic in sections, we're setting up custom paths a user can take to skip through sections that wouldn't apply to them:

Screen Capture on 2022-08-10 at 13-33-35.gif

In the example above, the quiz starts by asking customers if they already had a skincare routine and then asks if they do that routine in the AM or PM.

With advanced logic, we can skip the second question for users who don't have a skincare routine yet, creating a personalized and smoother quiz experience.

Advanced logic cannot be used to jump to a previous question in the quiz however - it can only be used to jump to a later question in the quiz.

2.1. Answers

An answer with advanced logic will only show up for people taking your quiz if they meet the rules in that option.

Example of Advanced Logic on answers

To access advanced logic for a specific answer, go to:

Sections Answers Click on the answer you want to edit

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3. Content blocks

Results pages are built through content blocks, which can contain products, images, text, buttons, and more.

Without any advanced logic, every content block you add to a results page will be shown to anyone who lands on the page.

However, by using advanced logic, you can set conditions that will only show a certain block if specific answers were chosen.

Through advanced logic in content blocks, only the rulesets that the user's answers qualify for will be shown.

Content blocks can contain products, images, text, buttons and more, so this personalization can be applied to any pieces of content added to a results page.

3.1. Products

Advanced logic in products will make your content block show a different set of products to each customer based on how they answered the quiz, a use case for this feature would be not showing products that a certain customer would be allergic to.

Screen Capture on 2022-08-10 at 18-59-26.gif

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