Connecting your Octane AI account to certain integrations may require key credentials such as an API key and your bot ID.

Each account is assigned a single API key as well as a unique bot ID which you'll need to locate during the installation process for integrations like Zapier and Alloy.

Table of Contents

1. Finding Your API Key

1.1. Bot ID

1.2. Webhook Secret

1. Finding Your API Key

You can locate your API Key in two locations:

  • General Settings

  • With an integration setup

To locate the API Key in your settings, go to the Settings page in your dashboard, and scroll down to the General settings section.

Your API Key will be displayed along with your webhook secret.

Locating your credentials with an integration setup

You can also view your credentials by going to the Integrations page in your dashboard, and clicking on ActionsSetup.

This will pull up a window that includes:

  • API Key

  • Webhook secret

  • Bot ID

1.1. Bot ID

Your bot ID is your account's unique identifier within Octane AI and is also part of your account's dashboard URL.

You'll be specifically prompted when an app requires your bot ID for the integration process. If the integration doesn't ask for a bot ID, you won't be required to send it.

1.2. Webhook Secret

In addition to your API Key and bot ID, your account has a webhook secret as well. This credential is mostly for development purposes, but if an integration prompts you for this as well, it can be found in the same locations as your API Key.

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