This article includes a guide for when testing out your Octane AI content with an integrated Klaviyo account, as well as solutions to some common issues when it comes to Octane AI and Klaviyo.

Some common issues you may face include:

Best practices for testing Octane AI's Klaviyo integration

When testing out Octane AI's integration with Klaviyo and you want to see how the integration works when multiple customers submit their email, you should make sure to perform one of the following tasks with each test:

  1. Clear browser cookies between each quiz & email submission.

  2. Start a new private/incognito mode session between each quiz & email submission.

You should also make sure that each email is brand new and has not been submitted through Octane AI before.

Here's why:

Making sure each new email you test with also is starting on a new cookie makes sure you're able to accurately simulate a new customer each time.

Email addresses you collect in Octane AI are associated with the browser cookie that the email was submitted under. This allows customers to be tracked in both Octane AI and Klaviyo, as well as information like someone's quiz answers to be synced even if they opt-in with their email after taking your quiz.

However, email syncs can encounter problems when you:

  • Subscribe with multiple emails through a single Octane AI cookie.

  • Subscribe with an email through a cookie that is attached to a different email than the one submitted.

These conditions are rare in a live Octane AI quiz, but can occur in disproportionate amounts while testing a quiz due to the frequency of single individuals retaking the quiz multiple times with different emails.

Common issues & solutions

While testing Klaviyo, here are some common issues you may encounter and possible solutions.

Profiles are syncing without quiz data

The problem: profiles are syncing from Octane AI but they're appearing without any quiz custom properties or events.

What you can do

When a profile populates, quiz data can take 1-2 minutes to populate.

If the profile still doesn't have any quiz data 3-5 minutes after syncing, we recommend trying a new set of tests with our recommended best practices.

In particular, taking a quiz with:

  • A new email never used before with Octane

  • In an incognito/private mode session

This simulates a blank slate opt-in that should be clear of any other complicating factors like cookies getting crosswired.

If it still isn't working, contact our team at [email protected].

Custom properties are not visible in Klaviyo

The problem: Klaviyo has been connected to Octane AI, but the custom properties I want to use in my Klaviyo flows & segments are not present.

What you can do

Each time you take a quiz with Klaviyo integrated, any custom properties that are sent with the profile will count towards the requirement above.

You can also manually add custom properties to a profile. You only have to do this once, and the property will always be targetable in Klaviyo even if you delete it later.

Emails submitted in Octane AI aren't appearing in the designated Klaviyo list

The problem: Emails synced from Octane AI to Klaviyo are not appearing in the list designated for quiz syncs in Octane AI Integration settings.

What you can do

Two common reasons this can happen are:

  • The API key is set to limited access.

  • The list is set to double opt-in.

To check your API key settings, follow these steps:

  1. In Klaviyo, go to Settings.

  2. Click on API Keys.

The API key you're using with Octane AI should be labeled "Full Access".

A double opt-in list won't accept subscribers unless the double opt-in is approved, so while you will still receive the email profile with quiz data, they won't appear in the list until a double opt-in is manually confirmed.

A quick way to test if this is the culprit is to go to your list settings in Klaviyo and set the list to single opt-in, then testing another sync.

Have any questions? Send an email to [email protected] or use the support icon to chat with our team.

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