This article includes a guide for when testing out your Octane AI content with an integrated Klaviyo account, as well as solutions to some common issues when it comes to Octane AI and Klaviyo.

Table of Contents

1. Best practices for testing Octane AI's Klaviyo integration

2. Common issues & solutions

2.1. Profiles are syncing without quiz data

2.2. Custom properties are not visible in Klaviyo

2.3. Subscribers are receiving a double confirmation email

2.4. My email list is larger than the number of quiz opt-ins

1. Best practices for testing Octane AI's Klaviyo integration

When testing out Octane AI's integration with Klaviyo and you want to see how the integration works when multiple customers submit their email, you should make sure to perform one of the following tasks with each test:

  1. Clear browser cookies between each quiz & email submission.

  2. Start a new private/incognito mode session between each quiz & email submission.

You should also make sure that each email is brand new and has not been submitted through Octane AI before.

Here's why:

Making sure each new email you test with also is starting on a new cookie makes sure you're able to accurately simulate a new customer each time.

Email addresses you collect in Octane AI are associated with the browser cookie that the email was submitted under. This allows customers to be tracked in both Octane AI and Klaviyo, as well as information like someone's quiz answers to be synced even if they opt-in with their email after taking your quiz.

However, email syncs can encounter problems when you:

  • Subscribe with multiple emails through a single Octane AI cookie.

  • Subscribe with an email through a cookie that is attached to a different email than the one submitted.

These conditions are rare in a live Octane AI quiz, but can occur in disproportionate amounts while testing a quiz due to the frequency of single individuals retaking the quiz multiple times with different emails.

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2. Common issues & solutions

While testing Klaviyo, here are some common issues you may encounter and possible solutions.

2.1. Profiles are syncing without quiz data

The most common reason why profiles do not sync with any custom properties or events from the quiz is because the quiz was taken under a browser cookie that had already been used to submit a different email with.

This can result in email profiles appearing in Klaviyo without quiz custom properties, or custom properties being updated in the original email profile that was submitted under the cookie.

What you can do

We recommend trying a new set of tests with our recommended best practices. This is a useful step even if you continue to see unexpected behavior afterwards, as it helps highlight the correct solution.

Contact our support team if you're still seeing missing data even after syncing emails with our recommended steps.

2.2. Custom properties are not visible in Klaviyo

Although custom properties are automatically created for every answer and results page you create in Octane AI, they'll need to be added to Klaviyo at least once before you can target those properties with Klaviyo filters and logic.

What you can do

Each time you take a quiz with Klaviyo integrated, any custom properties that are sent with the profile will count towards the requirement above.

You can also manually add custom properties to a profile. You only have to do this once, and the property will always be targetable in Klaviyo even if you delete it later.

2.3. Subscribers are receiving a double confirmation email

If you've created a brand new list to sync emails from Octane AI into, you may find that profiles are receiving an email to confirm their subscription even if they had submitted their email to you before in Klaviyo.

What you can do

This confirmation email comes from Klaviyo's double opt-in feature, which is enabled by default when you create a new list.

You can find this setting and disable it, or edit the confirmation email to be up-to-date and more on-brand by finding the list in Klaviyo and going to its settings. Klaviyo does recommend enabling double opt-ins for lists in general - to learn more, check out this article on Klaviyo's website.

2.4. My email list is larger than the number of quiz opt-ins

If your Shopify checkout page has a newsletter signup checkbox, Shopify will send any emails submitted with that checkbox enabled to Octane AI which also syncs those emails with Klaviyo.

Emails in Octane AI that were pulled from your Shopify checkout will be indicated with a tag included in their Octane AI profile, highlighted in the screenshot below.

What you can do

Email syncs from Shopify checkout to Octane AI cannot be disabled, so if you'd like to target and segment Octane AI subscribers in Klaviyo not including Shopify syncs, you can try one of the following methods.

1. Sync emails without targeting a list and segment by custom properties.

You can de-select a Klaviyo list to automatically sync emails into, which lets you still collect emails and quiz data but setting up any segments manually with these steps:

  1. In the Octane AI dashboard, go to the Integrations page.

  2. Locate Klaviyo and click on the "Actions drop-down menu.

  3. Click "Customize".

  4. Once the window to customize your Octane AI Klaviyo integration appears, change the target list to sync emails with to "Not selected". Emails will still be sent over to Klaviyo but won't be subscribed to any specific list.

From there, you can create segments or flows that target custom properties and even Octane AI related events for users on the Pioneer & Enterprise plans.

2. Disable email subscriptions during checkout in Shopify settings.

This is done by going by finding the setting to disable the checkbox in your Shopify store with the following steps:

  1. Go to your Shopify store's Settings page.

  2. Click on the Checkout tab.

  3. Scroll down until you find the section labeled Marketing consent.

  4. Under Email marketing, uncheck the option to show the subscribe checkbox.

This option can be left on if you'd like to continue syncing emails from Shopify's checkout and can even be used to collect phone numbers with strong compliance.

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