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Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Quizzes
Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Quizzes

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Octane AI allows each account to generate up to 3 quizzes using AI.

This is a great way to create personalized templates as a starting point for making the perfect quiz.

πŸ’‘ What you'll learn

πŸ’‘ Prerequisites

  • Each account can generate up to 3 quizzes using AI.

Creating a new AI quiz

To create a new quiz, you'll need to make a quiz from scratch rather than using a template.

Octane AI will create quizzes using information it knows about your store and its products. AI generated quizzes will typically follow these general best practices:

  • Mostly product focused questions, with some personality questions. Quizzes with too many personality focused questions can risk feeling less relevant to a customer's shopping, resulting in drop-offs and lower conversions.

  • Starting quizzes with an easy product question. Quiz retention typically stays the highest when the 1st question is easy to answer, but also is clear about the purpose of a quiz.

  • Opt-in towards the end of a quiz. Opt-in pages tend to have higher click-through rates towards the end of a quiz, when quiz takers are invested in seeing their results.

  • 4-8 questions total. Quizzes can be effective with fewer or more questions than this. But if you're not certain how many you should include, this is a safe range to aim for.

πŸ“• Creating a quiz from AI

  1. On the quiz page, select "New quiz".

  2. On the templates page, click on "Start from scratch".

  3. With the AI option selected, enter a name for the quiz and confirm.

  4. Wait for AI to complete generating the quiz.

🎬 VIDEO: Create Quizzes with Artificial Intelligence

Watch how to create a quiz with AI and a comparison with a custom quiz.

Using AI generated quizzes as a template

Quizzes can be swapped between logic types at any point - while saving progress on the previous logic option.

Quizzes created with AI will start as AI quizzes by default but can also be swapped to:

  1. Custom: great for full control over quiz result design & product logic.

  2. Dynamic: great for filtering customers to products with tags, collections & individual product choices.

Even if you're not switching quiz types, refining an AI generated quiz by making sure the content is on-brand and relevant to your products is recommended.

Quiz types can be changed in settings. AI quizzes will calculate recommendations by comparing product data in your store with the quiz's content.

To refine AI results, try to match question & answer content with product descriptions. Free text questions are also a great way to increase the accuracy of AI recommendations.

Here's an overview of the advantages of using each quiz type.

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