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Getting Started with Quizzes
Getting Started with Quizzes

Where to start if you're new to building quizzes in Octane AI.

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This guide will introduce you to the most important concepts when diving into Octane AI quizzes, as well as an overview of what you can do with your quizzes.

Knowing the answers to certain important questions before you begin your quiz building can make an important difference in how quickly you'll be able to launch an on-brand, revenue earning quiz.

πŸ’‘ What you'll learn

Planning a quiz

The exact kind of quiz can differ from brand to brand, even within similar industries. These questions will help differentiate and focus your quiz's potential:

  • What are your current pain points to convert customers?

  • What is this quiz trying to solve?

  • What type of experience do you want to show to your customers?

Need inspiration? Here are some top performing quiz types built in Octane AI.

πŸ”Ž Product finder

Octane's default dynamic quiz is great for creating quick, product recommending quizzes.

πŸ›οΈ Routine / Bundle builder

A custom quiz (selected in quiz editor settings) lets you curate each routine or bundle to customer preferences.

πŸͺŸ Seasonal / Holiday quizzes

❓ Personality quizzes

πŸ“” Survey / Customer feedback

Use Octane AI's Klaviyo integration to easily segment customers and email flows with quiz data and personalized messaging.

πŸ›’ Post purchase quizzes

Send a quiz link via email or try adding a quiz to the order status page.

Here's an example of how a routine building skincare quiz might structure its content, and which questions are linked to product recommendation:

Only 2 questions are used in the quiz's actual product logic. However, the other questions can still be used to:

  • Personalize quiz content (like text and images) at the end of a quiz

  • Segment customers based on preferences

  • Personalize Klaviyo or Attentive messaging based on quiz answers

Learn how to get started with Klaviyo personalization here.

Learn how to get started with Attentive personalization here.

Your questions aren't only being used in quiz logic but are also collecting zero-party data which is data that customers share knowingly and willingly with your brand (instead of your brand taking the customer's data without their explicit consent).

Considering the data that your quiz will collect

In all quizzes, there are two key type of questions:

  1. Questions that determine which products are recommended in the quiz.

  2. Questions that provide information about customers

These can overlap, and sometimes a quiz may have a question in just for vibe or to build customer confidence in the recommendation.

But if you're interested in using your quiz data with other platforms, you may want to consider that quiz questions & answers can be used to:

βœ” Personalize email content

βœ” Segment quiz takers by their profile and data

βœ” Send personalized quiz results

βœ” And much more!

Even if a question isn't directly involved in recommending a product, it can be incredibly useful in other ways.

Learn more about zero-party data here.

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