Octane AI has two types of quizzes:

Dynamic (default): use your Shopify tags, collections or individual products to show products matching those characteristics.

Top benefits

✔ Quicker to build

✔ Easier to change products

✔ Easier to manage large amounts of SKUs

Custom: built and curate each result customers can see using rules (advanced logic) to associate answers with personalized content and products.

Top benefits

✔ Hyper personalized content & results

✔ Total control over products shown in each scenario

The right quiz to choose can depend on a number of factors such as the type of quiz you're building, why you want to build your quiz and other important questions covered in our Getting Started guide.

Before you begin

Knowing the right questions to ask is one thing, but our support team is also here to help with knowing the right answers as well.

Reach out to [email protected] if you'd like help on the right quiz type to choose.

This guide will still be a great reference for learning:

  • What is a dynamic quiz and when to use it?

  • What is a custom quiz and when to use it?

  • Pre-launch quiz & Klaviyo checklists

What is a dynamic quiz?

New quizzes made in Octane AI start as a dynamic quiz by default.

Product logic is set up in dynamic quizzes by adding products into answers as inclusions or exclusions, letting a customer form their own recommendations as they select answers.

When to use a dynamic quiz?

Most quizzes work as dynamic quizzes, and they’re a great fit for stores that have a large number of SKUs or products frequently out of stock. Some examples of dynamic quizzes are:

  • Apparel Finder

  • Glasses Finder

  • Jewelry Finder

Dynamic quizzes are also quick to create. If you don't require precisely curated result screens, dynamic quizzes can also be a great way to a quick quiz launch.

Dynamic quizzes use a system of key questions to add precision in product recommendations.

Use this guide to learn how key questions work & best practices for building dynamic quiz logic.

What is a custom quiz?

Custom quizzes gives you direct control over each result in your quiz by using a system of rules and branching logic.

This allows a custom quiz to be a great choice for quizzes of all scales, from 1-question pop-up quizzes to longform quizzes with personalized result page content.

When to use a custom quiz?

Custom quizzes are a great choice for building routines or a curated selection of products. Some examples of custom quizzes are:

  • Shade Finder

  • Routine Builder

  • Build a box / bundle

  • Supplements finder

  • Educational quizzes

Custom quizzes can also be great choices for quizzes with simple product choices or recommendation logic.

Since all you have to do to link a result page with an answer is add the answer as a rule to the desired result, it can be a quick way to build a personalized quiz.

Octane Plus users can use advanced logic inside of:

  • Questions

  • Answers

  • Content blocks

  • Products

This can be used to show a different version of the same page to customers depending on their quiz choices.

Use this guide to learn more about how to personalize results this way.

Use these pre-launch quiz & Klaviyo checklists

Use this general pre-launch quiz checklist as a reference point for your priorities before a quiz launch.

You'll also need to get any integrations you plan on connecting set up. As an example of priority for an integration, here's a pre-launch checklist for Klaviyo.

What's next?

Learn more about how to use each of the pre-launch checklists.

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