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Currently, quiz responses & results can be exported in a CSV file. This export includes:

  • Timestamp

  • Answers

  • Opt-ins

  • Product IDs

  • Result page link

๐Ÿ’ก What you'll learn

  • How to export quiz responses

๐Ÿ’ก Prerequisites

Result page links are included on the Plus plan.

How to export quiz data

Quiz responses, opt-ins & recommendations can be exported in a single CSV file through a quiz's analytics page.

Why does my export include blank rows?

Response fields will be blank if a quiz taker dropped out of the quiz before answering. An entirely blank row indicates someone who viewed the quiz, but left without answering any questions.

Are quiz metrics & analytics included in the export?

Currently, quiz analytics cannot be exported.

๐Ÿ“• Exporting quiz data:

Step 1: In Octane AI, go to the Quiz page and locate the quiz you'd like to export data for.

Result page links for each customer is saved inside of the quiz's data export.

Step 2: Click on your quiz name to open the quiz's analytics page.

Data exports, in addition to detailed metrics can be found inside of the quiz's page.

Step 3: Find the Download quiz data section.

The date picker here is separate from the one used for the general metrics, and will only change the date range that the export targets.

Step 4: Pick the time frame you'd like to export for, and click Export data.

This will export a CSV file that includes response data for each quiz session including:

  • Timestamp

  • Answers

  • Opt-ins

  • Product IDs

  • Result page link

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