Customers are a very powerful feature that you can use for targeting customers when sending Broadcasts to customers or when creating Flows

In the Customers page, you can see all your existing lists and create new ones:

In order to create a new list click on the New List button and choose your list's name:

By selecting the Targeting type, you need to set targeting for that list. Learn more about targeting in this article. By selecting a Manual list, followers can be added manually.

Please note that followers can be added only to Manual lists. In automatically-generated lists, you cannot add or remove followers manually.

When you open a list, you will see everyone on the list, along with their gender, email (if provided) and the date they were added to that list. ie for all followers the date they started following the bot.

What are automatically-generated lists?

In automatically-generated lists, customers are segmented based on their decision data -- the replies they choose in a convo. You can then later use this to send targeted messages and flows to these customers.

How does this work?

For every reply button, you can choose to add people who tap that button to a list. It can be an existing list, or you can create a new one. We recommend naming the list in a straightforward way so you remember it later (your end-users will not see the list name).

Choose the reply you wish to add to a list by clicking on the button's stats.

Also, you can create a brand new list for that button by adding the name and clicking on the New list button.

We are working on a feature where you will see more info on every follower individually, this feature will come soon.

Check out the following videos to learn more!

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