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Recharge: Power Your Quiz with Subscriptions
Recharge: Power Your Quiz with Subscriptions

How to connect your Octane AI account with Recharge.

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Octane AI's Recharge integration allows you to add subscription products to your Shop Quiz and Conversational Pop-ups and take full advantage of the robust ways you can use these tools with your brand.

💡 What you'll learn

How to connect Octane AI's Recharge integration and sell subscription products in your quiz.

What does the Recharge integration do?

With Octane AI's Recharge integration, you can offer Recharge subscription products directly in these features:

Additionally, if you're using Recharge on your Shopify store, using Octane AI's integration will be necessary to enable revenue attribution inside of Octane AI.

Does this work with Recharge Checkout on Shopify and the Shopify Checkout Integration?

Shopify stores that installed Recharge after November 20, 2020 may be using Recharge's Shopify integration, while stores that installed Recharge before that date may be using a custom Recharge checkout instead.

Octane AI's Recharge integration is compatible with both checkout options!

NOTE: If a store doesn’t use the Shopify Payments processor, Recharge discounts won’t be applied on the checkout.

Connecting Recharge to Octane AI

To integrate Recharge into your Octane AI account, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Integrations page in your Octane AI dashboard.

  2. Locate Recharge and click Add.

  3. When asked to confirm your selection, click "OK".

  4. On the next screen, confirm that you would like to install Recharge in Octane AI.

That's it! Once Recharge is connected, subscription products you add in your quizzes and Conversational Pop-ups will correctly display subscription options.

Managing subscription products & settings

Your subscription product settings will still need to be managed in Recharge or Shopify.

We recommend the one time & subscription setting which gives customers both options for products in an Octane AI quiz or Conversational Pop-up as well.

For accounts integrated before October 26, 2021

If you connected your Recharge account to Octane AI prior to October 26, 2021, you'll need to do a quick reconnect to make sure you gain access to all of the integration's new features.

  1. Locate Recharge in the Integrations page.

  2. Click on the Actions menu.

  3. Click "Reconnect" and when asked to confirm your selection, click "OK".

  4. On the next screen, confirm that you would like to install Recharge in Octane AI.

That's it! The latest Recharge features, like compatibility with the Shop Quiz editor, will be available in your account.

Using Recharge in a quiz

Recharge subscription products can be added to your quiz just like a normal product entry. However, Recharge products will include unique options once the integration is enabled.

These options can be customized under the Product Subscriptions tab inside of the content block you've added your products into.

We recommend defaulting the selection to "Subscribe & save" if you have both one-time purchase and subscription options enabled.

NOTE: Pre-paid subscription options are currently not compatible in a Shop Quiz. We recommend using the "One-time & subscription" or just "Subscription only" options for your Recharge products instead.

Using Recharge in a Conversational Pop-up

Recharge subscription products will work in a Conversational Pop-up as well.

This powers up your ability to offer subscriptions, letting you offer subscriptions on your website in general or on targeted URLs like a collections page while collecting powerful zero-party data.

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