How to Integrate Klaviyo with Octane AI

For steps on how to integrate Klaviyo with Octane AI, follow our guide here. With our integration your able to sync multiple properties into Klaviyo.

How does this work? 

When someone visits your store and has sent their email into Octane AI or has accepted marketing through Shopify checkout, they're eligible to receive Browse and Cart Abandonment through Klaviyo. 

If we know who a user is on a store (with their email) and Klaviyo does not, Klaviyo Browse Abandonment and Cart Abandonment emails can be sent. 

To have cart and browse abandonment sent through Klaviyo, both of these features need to be enabled within Klaviyo.

How to Turn on Cart and Browse Abandonment in Klaviyo

For someone to be able to receive cart and browse abandonment from Klaviyo after being identified by Octane AI, these flows have to be created within Klaviyo. 

To create a cart abandonment flow within Klaviyo, follow their guide here.

To create a browse abandonment flow within Klaviyo, follow their guide here.

What happens if a customer is identifiable in both Klaviyo and Octane AI?

If someone has an email with both Klaviyo and Octane AI, our system will see if the user is in Klaviyo's system. If the user is in Klaviyo's system, we will not overwrite Klaviyo data collected and will allow flows set-up to take place for the identified person.

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