Octane AI's pop-ups are able to gather Messenger, Emails and SMS subscribers for your bot. You can customize which opt-ins you'd like to include on your pop-ups in addition to design and placement settings.

Since you can have up to three variations for each type of pop-up you include on your website, you can even include different opt-ins on different devices and pages if you'd like.

Table of Contents

1. Analytics

2. Opt-in channels

2.1. Messenger

2.2. Emails

2.3. SMS

3. Customers

1. Analytics

When visiting a specific pop-up page, you'll be able to see the following data for all of your pop-ups.

These stats define the all-time total and do not change when you use the date picker.

  • Views: the amount of all-time unique visitors to your website.

  • Total subscriptions: the amount of total subscribers you currently have.

These stats are affected by the date picker and can be viewed for any time period you select.

  • Conversions: users that have opted in relative to unique viewers.

  • Total subscriptions: users that have opted in across all of your opt-in channels.

  • Views: the amount of unique visitors for the selected time period.

  • Revenue: the amount of revenue your store has made from customers after they opted in.

The total subscriptions panel will give you a breakdown of how many of your subscribers are coming from each opt-in source. At the bottom of your pop-up page, you'll also see how well each of your pop-ups are performing if you're using multiple pop-ups.

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2. Opt-in channels

Through Octane AI's pop-ups, you can gather Messenger, Email and SMS opt-ins. Each of these pop-ups can be customized in terms of design, content and placement to match your brand.

The type of pop-ups you can use with Octane AI are:

While editing your pop-up, you can add or remove opt-in channels with a simple checkbox and reorder them with a drag-and-drop interface. You can also make SMS and Email opt-ins optional while Messenger pop-ups are optional by default.

If you're using Octane AI's Klaviyo integration, emails you gather will automatically sync into Klaviyo and you'll be able to choose the list emails are sent into as well.

Remember that you can create a pop-up with an opt-in and without a discount code. If you don’t want to include a discount code and you only want to inform the customers about e.g. free shipping for all the orders placed in December, you need choose a pop-up without a discount:

2.1. Messenger

Messenger opt-ins will create subscribers to your bot and Facebook page. Once someone becomes a Messenger subscriber, you'll be able to use any of Octane AI's Messenger features in accordance with Facebook's messaging policies.

When Email and SMS opt-ins are active, customers can opt-in to Messenger with a pre-checked checkbox. If you only have Messenger opt-ins active, then there will be a Messenger button opt-in instead.

What can I do with Messenger subscribers?

You can use any of Octane AI's many Messenger tools with your subscribers. Here are a few great ways you can engage anyone who opts in for Messenger.

Browse and cart abandonment messages

Browse and cart abandonment messages let you send a reminder in Messenger anytime someone leaves your website without creating a cart or checking out. Browse abandonment messages will recommend a product selection from Shopify while cart abandonment messages will include a link for the customer to checkout with their cart.

You can read more about browse and cart abandonment messages in our help articles.

Facebook ads

You'll be able to use conversational Facebook ads with your subscribers - even ones who used to be subscribed but no longer are. Facebook ads provide a powerful way to reach current or potentially new customers.

Sponsored messages let you send a prioritized message directly to users' inboxes in Facebook.

Click to Messenger ads appear as posts in users' newsfeeds, which opens your bot in Messenger if they click on the ad's call to action.

2.2. Emails

Emails gathered in Octane AI will be added to a list in your dashboard that you can export at any time. Octane AI doesn't have any email features directly, but does feature a direct integration with Klaviyo.

To read more about how the Klaviyo integration works, check out this help article.

2.3. SMS

SMS subscribers can be gathered by your bot separate from Messenger subscribers. When you add an SMS opt-in to your pop-up, Octane AI will automatically add marketing opt-in text to make sure the numbers you gather can be legally promoted to.

For compliance reasons, you'll also want to avoid having an SMS and email opt-in present in the same pop-up.

If you'd like to customize this, you'll have to make sure the text makes it clear to users what the opt-in is for.

What can I do with SMS subscribers?

With Octane AI's integrations, you can send SMS subscribers over to other platforms along with zero-party data you collect through features like the quiz.

Check out this helpful guide to sending subscribers to Klaviyo.

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3. Customers

When someone subscribes to your bot, they'll be added to lists which you can view and export from within your dashboard. While custom lists can be created as well, here are the default ones that users are sorted into when they opt-in.


  • Messenger subscribers

  • Messenger subscribers with email


  • SMS subscribers


  • Email subscribers

To learn more about Customers, check out this article.

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