This guide shows how to edit the loading screen customers see when accessing their result page URL.

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1. The Shareable Result Page URL

Octane Plus users can generate a shareable link to a customer's result page whenever someone completes the quiz.

These links are snapshots of customer results, and can be shared through Octane AI's integrations, custom events and more.

Inside of a quiz's settings, you can customize the loading page that appears when a customer accesses their result page link.

1.1. Editing the Loading Page for Shareable Result Pages

The loading page for shareable results will only appear when someone accesses the result page link.

Any changes here won't change what someone sees when taking the quiz.

Step 1: Open a quiz in Octane AI's quiz editor, and go to the Settings tab

In the setting screen, find the link for the "Loading page for shareable URL".

Step 2: Add or change content on the loading screen

This loading page doesn't have to match your quiz's. Changes here will only be seen through the shareable link.

2. Tips for Creating a Result Loading Page

  • Add a GIF/SVG into the loading screen.

Animated assets really add to your quiz's vibe, which can increase engagement and retention. Additionally, on-brand assets makes quizzes feel like a virtual assistant for the brand.

Want to take some assets from another one of your quizzes or one of Octane AI's templates?

Just find the image in the quiz editor, right click and save the image file.

  • Tailor the content to the load time of your result page.

Adding a video or educational content to a result page is best on result pages with larger amounts of products.

Otherwise, the results may load too quickly for customers to engage with the content.

For quicker loading results, on-brand imaging and copy works great.

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