Data plays a central role in eCommerce and Messenger success and so is also a core part of Octane AI. Analytics are featured on almost every page throughout Octane AI's dashboard, and our analytics page provides one hub to see everything together.

Table of Contents

1. The analytics page

1.1. Shop quiz

1.2. SMS

1.3. Facebook Messenger

1.4. Subscriber stats

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. The analytics page

Welcome to the analytics, Octane AI's data center. You'll see that your most important metrics are displayed at the top of the page:

Revenue refers to the total revenue earned by your bot across the platform, while the subscriber numbers are your total opt-ins. 

Right under your bot's all-time revenue and subscriber data, you'll see the setting for the rest of the page's data:

Tip: use the "Today so far" to see the revenue and subscriber data your bot has gathered for the current day. 

1.1. Shop quiz

Overall analytics for your shop quizzes will be visible at the top of your analytics page.

Curious about each individual quiz's analytics? You can find out more about each shop quiz by accessing your quiz's main analytics page.

Just go to Shop quiz in your dashboard and select the individual quiz you'd like to learn more about:

From the quiz's main analytics page, you'll be able to see:

  • Engagement data

  • Answer selection

  • Drop-off rate per question

And more, including attaching lists to a specific answer in your quiz.

1.2. SMS

Here you will find useful information about your bot's SMS performance, if those features are used.

Here, you'll be able to view information on the same key metrics as your Messenger stats:

  1. Revenue

  2. Subscribers

The SMS revenue section will also give details on how much each individual SMS feature is earning for you.

Here's a quick intro to SMS messaging and how it works with Octane AI.

1.3. Messenger

If you have access to SMS features, you'll see revenue breakdowns for SMS and Messenger features separately.  

However, all users have access to their Messenger performance and subscriber stats. 

Here, you'll see how much revenue your bot has gained through its Messenger features. An example of this is if a customer is sent an abandoned cart notification in Messenger, clicks on the link to their cart that's provided and makes a purchase.

Can I see how much revenue each individual feature has made? 

The "Messenger Revenue By Feature" section of the analytics page will give data on many individual Octane AI features.

If you're curious about more detailed analytics on each of these features, don't worry, we have you covered. 

Octane AI features data on almost every page of its dashboard and can be a great way to dive deeper into your performance metrics.

For example, here's the performance summary for cart abandonment on the analytics page:

Now, here's what you find on the page for cart abandonment messages: 

Key metrics for each feature can vary, so it's worth exploring each page even if you don't plan to use a particular feature. 

1.4. Subscriber stats 

A detailed set of data of your subscribers, and how they've been engaging with your bot can be seen underneath the revenue information.  

Crucial information, like opt-ins and opt-outs along with the active people count for your bot, are displayed immediately in graphs for easy reference.  

This makes it super simple for things like assessing the success of a recent campaign, or checking pricing. You'll even have shortcuts to access and edit any recent Questions campaigns you've been running. 

What about the data at the bottom of the page?

These metrics are the all-time stats. This means they'll always display total numbers for your bot, rather than for the time period selected on the page's settings.

Your total revenue and total subscriber counts at the top of the page are considered all-time stats as well! 

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When a customer makes a purchase after engaging with Octane AI features, how are they counted?

The last Octane AI feature your customers interact with before they make a purchase will be the feature that is attributed revenue in your Octane AI analytics.

This means when someone makes a purchase on your store after engaging with multiple Octane AI features, only the latest one will be counted.

The exception to this are:

Browse and cart abandonment messages can count revenue for a single order alongside other Octane AI features in order to reflect the full journey you can create with Octane AI.

What's the attribution window for revenue in Octane AI?

Octane AI's revenue attribution window is 7 days.

Have more questions? Just email [email protected] or use the support icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to chat.

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