The ACTIONS tab in your Shop Quiz contains a custom property that can be used with some of Octane AI's integrations, letting you leverage the powerful data you collect across multiple platforms.

Continue reading to learn what you can do with your quiz's custom properties.

Table of Contents

1. What Can You Do With Custom Properties?

2. Locating Custom Properties

2.1. Shop Quiz

2.2. Octane AI Lists

2.3. Integrations

1. What Can You Do With Custom Properties?

Custom properties take the data you collect in Octane AI and turn them into targetable variables you can use with Octane AI's integrations. Currently, custom properties are supported by:

You can customize the name of the custom properties in your quizzes, whether you're using one as a product quiz or a conversational pop-up.

In addition to customizable quiz custom properties, additional Octane AI data like lists and information from Facebook Messenger opt-ins are available as well.

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2. Locating Custom Properties

Custom properties can be located under the ACTIONS tab in the Shop Quiz editor for answers you add to your questions, as well as each of your results.

Here's how to find each ACTION tab:

  1. Question Answer Actions

  2. Results Actions

Additional custom properties, such as personal information about someone are not customizable but still can be used with compatible integrations.

2.1. Shop Quiz

  • Octane: [Quiz Question] Quiz Answer

  • Octane: Quiz result [Results page]

Shop Quiz custom properties will copy the question, answer or results page internal name that you use while creating your quiz.

Customizing the name of your results pages' properties can be a great way to display multiple results pages in a single profile, whether they're from the same quiz or multiple quizzes.

2.2. Octane AI Lists

  • Octane list: [List name] member / not a member

Lists in Octane AI can be created in the Customers page. Every Octane AI account includes a list for each of their Messenger, SMS and email subscriber lists by default.

2.3. Integrations

These are custom properties that are specifically related to one of Octane AI's integrations.

Facebook Messenger

  • Octane: gender: male / female

  • [Facebook Page name]: 1

Any Facebook pages of yours the customer is subscribed to will be listed with a value of 1.

In addition to gender, profiles with a Facebook Messenger opt-in will also sync with the name their Facebook account uses.


  • $source: Shop Quiz / Shopify / Welcome, Exit intent, Add to cart pop-up

Any source marked as Octane AI Shopify are emails taken from Shopify with the marketing checkbox filled in.

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